Guide To Managing Mental Health Around The Holidays

” I have long shared that advice with people around the holidays and it is more relevant this year than ever before. Holidays are traditionally a time of family connection and the unique experiences of 2020 add new layers of stress and pressure.

  • No single food has more influence on my body than others.
  • Restoring daily routines helps build a sense of being home mentally and emotionally, even in the absence of a physical home.
  • This can help with relapses and practice forgiveness and self-compassion.
  • Trying to live up to those expectations is impossible and will only produce feelings of guilt and depression.
  • It can be so hard to accept perceived imperfections in our bodies when we feel like they represent so much of who we are.

EAP Services We work with companies to provide education on workplace substance abuse and get employees help they need. Getting through the holidays can be tough, but remember you are not alone.

Single And Alone For The Holidays? 6 Strategies For Surviving And Even Thriving The Holidays Alone

Even though you are away from home and in a strange place, try to resume the daily routines as much as possible. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the helpline is a private and convenient solution. The more that you think and talk about the good in your life, the more you will feel the good in your life. When you change your thoughts and actions, feelings will eventually catch up.

At first, I couldn’t imagine being free from my behaviours and also being free from hating my body and therefore myself, because all I knew was how to think from my eating disorder-conditioned mind. Over time, I began to feel less and less that my eating disorder was just ‘me’, comprising all of my thoughts and beliefs.

Reframing Holidays in Early Recovery

Eating disorder recovery may be one of the most courageous and transformative experiences you’ll ever go through. I came in hopeless and left hopeful, with a treasure chest full of “good” coping tools.

Eat, Escape, Regret, Repeat Concrete Mindfulness Interventions For Binge Eating Disorder

Feeling alone can be especially hard to handle during the holidays. Dr. Lisa Coyne helps us push back against feelings of loneliness.

The reality is that some people are introverted, and many introverts developed a substance abuse problem to try and conform to people who always go out and party. Now that you’re sober, it’s important to realize that there’s nothing wrong with just having a quiet night in. Whether it’s by yourself reading a good book and watching movies or inviting a friend or two over, just remember that St. Patrick’s Day is just Reframing Holidays in Early Recovery another day. If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health or drug addiction, Florida Center for Recovery is here to help. Our rehab follows all the guidelines necessary for safe and effective treatment during the pandemic. Just because the world has changed doesn’t mean you can’t get the help that you need. As the holiday season comes around, it is important to practice a healthy state of mind.

To learn more about your options for recovery this holiday season, call our helpline today. Fortunately, the stress that comes with these holidays doesn’t have to interfere with opioid addiction recovery. If you or a loved one are overcoming opioid abuse this holiday season, the typical traditions this time of year may bring unwanted pain and challenges. Even if you subtracted all those factors, it would still be unrealistic to expect yourself to maintain “optimal” levels of productivity. There is only so much your brain – and therefore your body – can handle – especially if you are not getting any self-care. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Ethos Recovery is here to help. We provide addiction treatment services and resources for people who want to stay sober, so contact us today.

To make matters worse, the National Alliance on Mental Illness noted that 64% of individuals living with a mental illness felt that their conditions worsened around the holidays. Whether you are early in your career or a seasoned professional, McLean has resources to support you through a lifetime of helping patients succeed. TPAS’s mission is to provide the skill sets necessary to make an impact with the prioritization of peer support over profit. Harmony Foundation, which has been led by Geckler for some five years, is fully aligned with that concept and has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people with addiction. Mental health and addiction services are more needed than ever after the COVID-19 pandemic intensified the already escalating mental health crisis in America and the correlated addiction epidemic. The study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine found that almost 8 percent of patients with OUD died within 12 months of being discharged. The authors say their findings highlight the need for addiction care in the hospital, as well as generally improving health systems for patients with substance use disorder who also have other medical conditions.

Check In With Your Mental Health

Trust that when it comes to your body, your faith that you can have it all – a life free from eating disorder behaviours and thoughts, AND peace and joy in your new body – is not misplaced. This is a beautiful concept discussed by eating disorder therapist Carolyn Costin in her books 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder book and workbook. I’m not sure who the original author of the quote is as it has been shared so often.

  • People pull pranks on April 1st all over the world, and it’s rare that the entire world has something in common.
  • Your presentation helped our membership better understand how these substances initially help people feel ‘normal’, and how they use them in an attempt to lessen symptoms and self medicate.
  • The CDC also recommends that if people insist on holding in-person gatherings that they be held outdoors with a small, socially distanced and masked group, and for a limited amount of time.
  • Thorough evaluation of these relationships in counseling can assist individuals in gaining insight and understanding to help them make healthy decisions regarding their support system.
  • You don’t have to burn the ships either, you can reference plans early the next day.

If you start feeling uncomfortable at a party or gathering, will you have a way to leave? Thinking through potential situations that could possibly lead to alcohol or drug use will help you prepare for the unplanned and unexpected.

If you’re not ready to try a bunch of fear foods, wear fancy clothes, or severely deviate from a food schedule, honor that. For example, you might think something like, “If I eat this food, I’ll gain five pounds.” This thought could be so distressing and triggering that you avoid the food altogether. Luckily this is how the brain works, and it’s a wondrous thing. It just takes time, a lot of hard work, patience and some faith. I didn’t want this approach to healing….to allow myself to be free from behaviours based on proving to myself how thin I actually was. I wanted to not care anymore, to be able to love myself no matter how large or how against society’s ideals I was.

Address potential triggers related to risky People – Places – Things that your client may be exposed to over the holidays. Helping your clients to recognize which triggers pose a risk can lead to the development of healthy decision making and healthy coping skills. With this gained insight, one can choose to avoid these triggers altogether or a safety plan can be created in the counseling session that identifies steps to manage these triggers and aid in relapse prevention. Examples of such steps include limiting the amount of time spent in high stress situations or bringing a supportive friend along to an event. Whether you are gathering in person or virtually, your holiday traditions and routines may be facing major disruption.

Many traditions this time of year incorporate candles and twinkling lights for a reason. According to Elsa Ronningstam, PhD, a psychologist at McLean Hospital, “It’s important to understand that triggers for holiday angst come from many sources. Memories, stressful patterns that seem to occur every holiday, or potential new crises are common triggers,” she said. The pressure to be social, happy, and present can make it difficult to speak up if you feel otherwise. You may also feel left out if your spiritual traditions aren’t the dominant ones on display this time of year. Amethyst House in Loveland which is part of Recovered Humans provides a safe and sober environment for women in Colorado. Route2Recovery provides sober living accommodations, recovery peer coaching, and family coaching.

Pushing Back Against Feelings Of Loneliness

He served as a middle manager and preservation librarian for over a decade at Harvard University and is now the Librarian for Southern California at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, California. Seven Signs Your Relationship with Food May be Hurting Your HealthTake care if these sound familiar, because no one plans to develop an eating disorder. Restoring daily routines helps build a sense of being home mentally and emotionally, even in the absence of a physical home. Simple routines that your family normally does together, such as family walks, watching television, and reading bedtime stories, help pull the pieces of daily life back together even in a new place. Restoring daily activities rebuilds the normal sense of morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

Journaling can be structured with goals to address the stressors of the day or difficult feelings that were experienced. But journaling can also be free flowing with focus on gratitude for life’s gifts and even prayer. At Florida Center for Recovery, we want to help you during this holiday season. With comprehensive care, we can help you towards a better 2021 and a smooth recovery. We also follow all COVID-19 guidelines for safe treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can help you today. Find time to be thankful despite the change, and let your loved ones or friends know.

Reframing Holidays in Early Recovery

Dr. Truitt and her Southern California team of expert psychologists and psychotherapists specialize in the most effective and cutting-edge treatment and therapy guaranteed to sponsor you in Living Your Excellence. 8 Ways to Eat Healthily as a Guest This Holiday SeasonDon’t let the season’s indulgences derail your choices. One Thing Every Myers-Briggs Type Needs to Survive the HolidaysThis can be your saving grace when you just need a little break. Many of us struggle with food mainly because we label foods as good or bad and try to limit foods accordingly. I am a big believer in Intuitive Eating and allowing myself to have the foods I enjoy when I want them.

Make Plans With Sober Friends

Just because you may eat a little more later in the day doesn’t mean you should skip meals or restrict your food intake earlier. Try to adopt a flexible approach to what and when you’ll eat depending on what food is available, your body’s needs, and what you really enjoy. For more information on AAC’s commitment to ethical marketing and treatment practices, or to learn more about how to select a treatment provider, visit our About AAC page. There are, however, things that you can do to build a way of thinking and acting that allows you the ability to enjoy your life, even when you are alone. Here are some strategies for you to employ right now to help you survive and maybe even thrive through this season. Instead, create new memories that are uniquely yours and untouched by trauma.

He is 28, from Kansas, and took his last drink on July 25,2021. Odette discusses moving toward your values to give you a new framework to evaluate your life and your sobriety. He loves his job; has become a leader and he is no longer depressed. His marriage and his relationship with his children is better. He is making new friends and repairing old relationships. He went to meetings daily, got a sponsor, embraced spirituality, worked the steps, and did what he was told. He is 47, from Bozeman, MT, and took his last drink on September 24, 2019.

In therapy, you discover some of the root causes of addiction, and your therapist is there to help you process why you were turning to drugs and alcohol. Not only can they help you with mental health issues that you may have, but they’re also there to provide you with the tools you need to live a much better life. Aside from individual therapy, one of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is group therapy. Many people come into treatment feeling lost and alone, and they also feel like nobody understands.

Regardless of how positive the change is, the adjustment period will probably prove at least a little bit difficult. You will have to settle into your new position, and learn all of the ins and outs. Eventually, you’ll master this position just like you mastered the last one – it will just take a little time. You are making a positive change; you are working towards self-betterment. But addiction recovery can be tough occasionally, seeing as you will be learning an entirely new way of life. One thing that will make the transition easier is learning to stay positive.

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